Engineer your own bright future at KMS.

Koch Membrane Systems (KMS) was founded in the early 1960's by chemical engineering professors from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to commercialize technology developed in their laboratories. Since its inception, KMS has focused on the enormous worldwide need for purified water in a broad variety of applications. As a result, the company has grown into a world leader in the development, manufacture and sale of membrane-based water purification equipment. In order to meet the needs of this flourishing market, which is currently growing at a rate of 15 to 25 percent per year, KMS has focused intensely on research and development and has achieved major technological breakthroughs in recent years. In fact, we have recently been named the Water Technology Company of the Year for 2010 by the International Desalination Association, the leading global organization dedicated to desalination of salt water. This award was given to KMS for its significant technological contributions to improving the performance of its water purification products. The worldwide market for superior water treatment products is enormous and offers the potential for a company with such products to grow to an extraordinary size.

KMS is headquartered in the town of Wilmington, Massachusetts, which is a suburb north of Boston. The Company has manufacturing locations at its headquarters in Wilmington. KMS has worldwide sales and a strong base of loyal customers. Our products are used in the purification of drinking water, removal of salt from brackish water and sea water, and in a diverse range of industrial filtration applications. They are more fully described on our website.

Because of our current and projected rapid growth, we are investing heavily in R&D, have upgraded and enlarged our manufacturing facilities, and are significantly expanding our sales organization. We are now seeking additional outstanding professionals in all aspects of our business in order to augment our world-class capabilities so we can handle our enormous growth.