PURON® MBR Modules



  • Built-in Reliability
  • Low Life-cycle Costs
  • Reduced System Footprint
  • New Fiber Chemistry


KMS introduces the next generation of improved, high flux PURON modules
for membrane bioreactor applications. Newly-designed and improved, PURON MBR modules continue to leverage an innovative central aeration and single header design. All PURON products easily retrofit
other MBR modules.

Not all submerged MBR membrane modules are the same. PURON's single header design has made it the membrane bioreactor system of choice for companies looking to reduce energy, minimize downtime, and increase flux, all within a small footprint.

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Cost-effective Wastewater Treatment

KMS isn't just a membrane company. For information about PURON PLUS Engineered Systems for flow rates up to 200,000 GPD (760 m3/ day) and
pre-engineered modular MBR systems for flow rates up to 1.8 MGD (6840 m3/day) per train, click here.

PURON Chemistry

Old PURON chemistry

New PURON chemistry,
tighter pore size


Large MBRs around the world use PURON technology.

Sao Paulo, Brazil

KMS identified MBR technology with a Tertiary Membrane Bioreactor (TMBR) system as the most cost-effective strategy to upgrade existing plant infrastructure.

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Santa Paula, California

Santa Paula meets current and future wastewater treatment needs while complying with strict environmental standards using PURON MBR technology.

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