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This section of our website will help you learn more about the array of membrane filtration technologies available, unique advantages they offer, and how they are addressing filtration and separation issues in a variety of applications worldwide.

While most of the world’s surface is covered by water, only 1% is safe to drink. As our population rapidly grows, water conservation and recycling are critical priorities. Better water management is a necessity in all industries to optimize water usage, minimize water footprint, and lower manufacturing costs.

Membrane filtration is a vital resource for the treatment and reuse of municipal water and wastewater. KMS has introduced a variety of membrane solutions into large-scale municipal applications, most notably for the treatment of surface, brackish, or seawater water for production of drinking water.

Water is also needed in virtually every industrial and manufacturing process. Regulatory restrictions on wastewater discharge, combined with corporate accountability pressures, are increasing the cost of doing business, challenging industries in all sectors to find ways to conserve, treat, and reuse their water and wastewater. KMS provides a variety of cost-effective solutions to purify incoming water and outgoing wastewater streams in commercial facilities that can be customized to meet individual water treatment needs and discharge requirements across many industries. In many cases, KMS membranes can produce wastewater that is clean enough for reuse within the factory.

In the food industry, stakeholders in this dynamic, competitive market are challenged to meet continuously evolving consumer demands for high-quality, safe, nutritious products while achieving efficient production and cost-effective operations. KMS membrane filtration solutions are a key step toward accomplishing these goals.

KMS offers a wide selection of innovative products for the dairy industry that are ideal for whey and milk concentration, production of whey isolates, and milk standardization. KMS UF and RO membranes, for example, remove water and selected non-protein components from milk so that concentrated milk solids can be transported to cheese producers at a reduced cost.

KMS also has extensive experience with protein concentration applications and has provided more protein-separation membranes than any other company, helping their clients to reduce operating costs while achieving outstanding product yields. Whether concentrating, purifying or clarifying gelatin, egg whites, soy proteins, enzymes or lysine, food processors can take advantage of KMS's breadth and depth of knowledge and experience.

Membrane filtration is emerging as a key enabling tool in industrial biotechnology. Rapid growth in this field has led to the commercialization of processes to produce both specialty and bulk chemicals, with membrane technology leading the way toward improved production and quality.

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