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Highly Anticipated Return of Fluid Systems® Products
Published Date: September 18, 2017
Koch Membrane Solutions is pleased to announce the return of the FLUID SYSTEMS® nanofiltration (NF) and reverse osmosis (RO) product lines.
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KMS to Showcase Filtration Solutions for the Beverage Industry at Drinktec in Munich, Germany
Published Date: September 04, 2017
Our wide range of filtration systems specifically designed for the wine, beer, spirits and juice industries will be highlighted, including the Wine-COR, Lees-COR, Beer-COR and SUPER-COR® system families. These systems use hollow fiber and tubular membranes, utilizing crossflow microfiltration and ultrafiltration technologies to filter undesirable solids without affecting flavor, mouthfeel, aroma, color, taste or foam stability.
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Trade shows offer an opportunity to see KMS products and discuss your unique needs with knowledgeable KMS experts face to face. KMS executives, business managers, and process engineers speak at a wide variety of trade show panels, industry events, association meetings, and conferences to provide insight into current membrane technologies and the future of filtration.
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