KMS Application Bulletins

Process Separations Solutions

  • Amino Acid Production
    Crossflow microfiltration using KMS spiral wound elements can increase amino acid yields and reduce operating expenses.
  • An Overview of Membrane Theory and Technology
    KMS offers a thorough evaluation of crossflow membrane technology, terminology, and applications. Key factors to consider when designing a crossflow filtration system and which configurations are best suited to specific process needs are discussed.
  • Biofuel Production
    Membrane filtration technologies are proving to be effective ways to achieve optimum yields and reduce energy costs for biofuels production.
  • Industrial Biotech
    Microfiltration, ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis products provide the specific membrane technology required to achieve optimum yields for a wide variety of biofermentation processes.
  • Lees Treatment
    KMS crossflow membrane filtration systems for recovery of wine from lees have been used successfully by producers of both red and white wines.
  • Membrane Cleaning
    KMS can design the most effective cleaning program or pre-treatment procedure for your system.
  • Recovery of Caustic and Acids in the Dairy Industry
    KMS membranes can help recover expensive acid and caustic from clean-in-place (CIP) streams, and comply with increasingly stringent regulatory requirements.

Water & Wastewater Solutions

  • Aqueous Cleaner Baths
    The treatment of aqueous cleaner baths with membrane technology significantly increases bath life and reduces waste and chemical usage costs.
  • Heavy Metals
    KMS UF membranes provide a cost-effective alternative to conventional chemical/physical heavy metals wastewater treatment.
  • Hydrocarbon Process Water Reuse
    KMS membrane technology has played a vital role in helping the hydrocarbon processing industry reduce its water footprint.
  • Membrane Filtration Technology: Meeting Today's Water Treatment Challenges
    This article defines the wide range of membrane filtration technologies available from Koch Membrane Systems,
    highlighting a number of important issues to consider when evaluating an effective and efficient membrane filtration system.
  • Membrane Technology for the Chemicals Industry
    KMS examines how membrane technology is rapidly replacing conventional methods to concentrate and recover materials from process streams.
  • Phosphorous Removal
    Lower effluent phosphorus levels can be achieved with KMS' PURON® MBR submerged hollow fiber UF modules.
  • Puron MBR Retrofit
    KMS' PURON® modules easily replace older membrane technology while improving performance through increased capacity and lower energy consumption.