Food & Beverage Water Solutions

Reducing your water footprint protects your bottom line and the environment.

Developing a sound water reuse, process water treatment, and wastewater plan is becoming essential for efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally responsible food and beverage processors, and doing it well is critical. Food processing not only requires huge volumes of water, but produces wastewater with multiple contaminants that can pose serious threats to standard sewage facilities.

Specially designed membrane technology from KMS can help you minimize wastewater costs, and even restore its quality to levels beyond those required by municipalities.  Whether it’s incoming raw water, outgoing wastewater, or  water reuse that is your challenge, we can recommend a system that operates efficiently and sets the stage for continuous improvement.

Process Water
Our process water treatments use time-tested technology.

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Water Reuse
KMS systems capture and reuse millions of gallons of water every day. Learn More
Wastewater Treatment
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