KPAK® and SPIRAPAK Potted Spirals

KPAK® spiral-wound ultrafiltration

Developed for the recovery and treatment of electrocoat paint, this configuration includes an integral shell with Victaulic-style connections that simplify design and module changeout. Our ultrafiltration membranes have been the industry standard in electrocoat paint recovery for nearly 30 years. We strive to help customers achieve high productivity, stable flux and superior permeate quality.

SPIRAPAK spiral-wound ultrafiltration

Our original predecessor to the advanced KPAK® module, SPIRAPAK products are used for electrocoat paint recovery and oily wastewater treatment.


Systems Information
KPAK® systems use the KPAK® potted spiral product and are designed to operate within a minimal footprint in the harsh environment of electrocoat paint application, providing a safe, consistent and reliable operation.

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