Indian Hospital Receives Special Award for KMS PURON MBR Wastewater Treatment System

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Koch Membrane Systems, Inc. (KMS), a global leader in membrane filtration technologies, has supplied PURON Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) technology for sewage treatment to the Starcare Hospital in Kerala, South India. After one year of operation, the hospital received a special award for the best Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) by the Kerala State Pollution Control Board for its excellent and consistent effluent quality and for taking the lead as the first hospital in the region to use MBR technology. Cosmos Water & Recycling Solutions LLP was the overall project coordinator and integrated the membrane system into the plant.

"Wastewater from hospitals contains the typical nutrients, solids, bacteria, and viruses that are found in sanitary wastes, but it also contains traces of multi-resistant bacteria, medical contrast agents and other pharmaceutical chemicals. The PURON® MBR technology installed at the Starcare Hospital combines a biological treatment that has been especially designed to treat hospital wastewater with an ultrafiltration membrane unit that separates the biological treatment sludge, bacteria and other solids from the treated wastewater,” said Mr. Adithya Ravindranath, director of business development at Cosmos Water & Recycling Solutions LLP.  “Unique features of the PURON® technology, which includes PVDF membrane, central aeration and single header design, provide the best solution for treating wastewater in this segment. In addition to a fantastic product, the sales and design teams of Koch Membrane Systems provided fantastic after-sales service. They truly delivered a comprehensive end-to-end solution."

Hospital chemical and biological residues pass from patients through hospital toilets to the hospital wastewater stream. Hospital effluent is usually sent to a public sewage treatment facility, which is often not designed to handle such wastewater. MBR technology was identified as a promising alternative for conventional activated sludge treatment for this type of wastewater, for the complete retention of the biosolids by the membrane, and for the ability of the process to digest and remove unsafe compounds at overall lower treatment costs. The PURON MBR system provides a reliable solution for hospital wastewater treatment, for its high efficiency in terms of the removal of solids, bacteria, and nutrients, and for its low cost of ownership.

“PURON MBR technology is a very efficient and safe treatment for highly polluted wastewater from hospitals,” said Jack Noble, KMS general manager for water and wastewater EMEA + India. “We are happy to be part of Starcare Hospital’s STP success, and congratulate them on this award for their environmental commitment and their innovative solution.”

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