KMS Launches New Filtration Product Line for Electrocoat Paint

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Koch Membrane Systems, Inc. (KMS), a global leader in the development and manufacture of membrane filtration technologies, launched a new line of Electrocoat (E-coat) paint spiral ultrafiltration membranes offering manufacturers greater recovery of paint resin and pigments.

As an industry leading membrane technology supplier, KMS pioneered the potted spiral design for E-coat paint in 2003. This innovation provided energy efficiency, zero bypass operation and longer membrane life, as well as a simplified system design with easy and safe membrane replacement.

The new KPAK® PLUS and SPIRAPAK PLUS modules feature optimized element design and construction to improve performance while providing the same excellent separation properties and low fouling characteristics as the traditional KPAK and SPIRAPAK modules.

“With up to 20 percent higher productivity, these new products will benefit end users by improving paint yields and reducing overall operating costs,” says Taylour Johnson, product manager of Industrial Processes at KMS. “The new products are a direct replacement for our previous line and do not require system modifications.”

Benefits of ultrafiltration in the E-coat process include:

  • Paint Recovery: Recovers up to 98 percent of paint solids for reuse, while generating rinse water (permeate) for use in the plant.

  • Paint Bath Conductivity Control: Removes excess free ions, low molecular weight resins and carry-in from pretreatment.

  • Hazardous Waste Minimization: Recovers up to 98 percent of dragged out paint and reduces loading on wastewater treatment plant.

The KPAK PLUS and SPIRAPAK PLUS modules, as well as the PLUS version of the flanged and drop-in spiral elements for E-Coat paint are now readily available in all product sizes and configurations.

To learn more about these new KMS E-coat ultrafiltration products and other KMS E-coat solutions, visit the KMS website or contact

KMS is a proud founding member of the Electrocoat Association, which was created in 1997.