In the electro-coating process for applying water-soluble paints on automobiles and other metal products, our filtration systems recover more than 99% of paint resin and pigments, dramatically improving process efficiency and reducing waste. Working closely with manufacturers to understand their processes, we have pioneered solutions for improved cost-efficiency and performance. Our ultrafiltration and nanofiltration membranes for anodic and cathodic electro-coat paint can decrease deionized water consumption, reduce wastewater, improve paint solids recovery, control paint bath conductivity and potentially limit defects. Watch the Automotive Solutions Video to learn more.

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Other Users of Electro-coat Paint Recovery

  • Automotive/Transportation|
  • Appliance|
  • Metal Furniture|
  • Lawn and Garden Equipment|
  • Sports & Recreation|
  • Hardware|
  • Jewelry

As a complete filtration solution provider to the automotive industry, our KONSOLIDATOR systems and tubular FEG PLUS membranes effectively treat wastewater to remove metals, oil, grease and suspended solids. Our PURON® MP and RO systems ensure your water supply is at the necessary high quality for your operations.