Balancing the demands to cost-effectively produce high-quality food that is safe and nutritious can be a challenge. Koch Membrane Systems offers numerous food-processing filtration products to help reduce costs while increasing process efficiency, yield and quality. Our systems are made to optimize water usage, remove contaminants, recover valued materials, purify process streams and treat outgoing effluent to comply with environmental standards.


Sugar & Starch

Our membranes for crop-based sugar, sweetener and starch processing can separate sugars from fibrous and proteinaceous impurities, and purify and concentrate them with exceptional results. Microfiltration and ultrafiltration technologies withstand high temperatures, are easy to clean, ensure consistent permeate quality, and clarify the process stream after saccharification. Nanofiltration and reverse osmosis technologies provide excellent separation properties to fractionate sugar compounds and remove undesired color. To complete the filtration offering capabilities, our Causti-COR® technology will recycle brine used for regeneration of color removal resin columns.


The right membrane configuration is essential to protect product integrity and minimize energy costs. If you are concentrating, purifying or clarifying animal or vegetable proteins such as gelatin, egg whites, soy, peas and other plant proteins, enzymes or lysine, our protein-separation processes can reduce your operating expenses and boost yield. Our unique TIDAL Forward Osmosis systems allow for concentration of heat labile products with minimal loss of product activity.


With 99% product recovery, our proven filtration for high-quality vinegar has a compact design, one-step clarification, and excellent post-bottling haze stability to help you keep up with demand.


Demand has continued to increase for foods that combine nutrition and pharmaceuticals to help support wellness and reduce healthcare costs. Our membrane systems streamline nutraceutical processes and reduce the cost of extraction, separation, concentration and purification.

Our products are used for a wide range of applications, including processing of pectin, agar, xanthan, carrageenan, food coloring, flavonoids, licorice extract, antocyans, clarification of fermentation broth, yeast and enzyme recovery and more.