Municipal Water and Wastewater

With nearly 800 million people suffering from a scarce supply of clean water worldwide, our advanced membrane filtration is helping municipalities to purify their water supplies. Our technologies are made to comply with the Safe Drinking Water Act and World Health Organization guidelines, and we continue to innovate for the changing needs of tomorrow. Our cost-effective ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis systems make surface water safe to source by removing turbidity and suspended solids, bacteria and viruses. Communities using ground water as their water source rely on our ultrafiltration systems to remove silt, iron and manganese to produce colorless, crystal-clear drinking water. For communities with seawater intrusion or inland aquifers, we have a variety of energy-efficient UF and RO systems for softening and desalination.


Wastewater Solutions

Municipalities worldwide are faced with wastewater challenges due to population growth, changing regulations, failing infrastructure or outdated technology. Our membrane bioreactor modules and systems provide reliable, energy-efficient performance to meet the necessary demands for water discharge and reuse, including tertiary treatment. Effluents of our wastewater treatment systems comply with strict discharge limits, as well as water reuse targets. Koch Membrane Systems filtration is currently a key part of the largest wastewater reuse effort in the Southern Hemisphere, the Aquapolo Ambiental project in São Paulo, Brazil.