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Winecore System


WINEFILTER hollow fiber cartridges

Engineered for advanced crossflow filtration, our WINEFILTER cartridges are known for producing high-quality, clarified and stabilized wines full of aromas and rich in color. The microfiltration WINEFILTER membrane was optimized to maintain the unique character of each wine, producing clear and stable wines without using additives.

BEERFILTER hollow fiber cartridges

The advanced microfiltration of KMS BEERFILTER hollow fiber cartridges removes only undesirable suspended solids without affecting bitterness, aroma, color, taste or foam stability of the final shelf-stable product. The cartridges produce consistent, high-quality beer from start to end of the filtration run.

System Information
Wine-COR systems are designed for wine clarification of small to large volumes. These systems are available as small-scale manual units, as well as fully automated systems, increasing wine yield up to 99%. With compact and mobile design options, they are ideal for small boutique wineries to large industrial plants. The Wine-COR systems use KMS microfiltration WINEFILTER cartridges, which are optimized to maintain color, taste, aroma and alcohol content of red, white and rosé wines. The Wine-COR systems offer a modular design to easily expand the system treatment capacity as throughput requirements increase.

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Regulatory Information
U.S. CFR Title 21: Title 21 of the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) contains rules and regulations issued by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). KMS products used for processing foods and beverages comply with Title 21 as indicated in KMS datasheets. More specifically they comply with Parts 170-199 of Title 21 Subchapter B Food for Human Consumption, which list permitted food additives and associated restrictions. FDA compliance of KMS products is supported by supplier component evaluations, testing, and third-party legal opinions. Abbreviated versions of the legal opinions are available to KMS customers on request.

SUPER-COR and SUPER-G Modules product applications

SUPER-COR and SUPER-G Modules product applications