Keeping Your Membranes Clean

Our KOCHKLEEN® and KOCHTREAT® cleaning products help regenerate and revitalize membranes used in food, beverage, municipal and industrial applications.
KOCHKLEEN® products consist of optimal blends of acids, bases, oxidants, surfactants, enzymes, solvents or chelants tailored to your specific application needs. Container sizes range between one gallon (3.8 liters) and bulk tanker for liquids, and 25- to 450-pound drums (10 to 200 kilograms) for powdered solids.
KOCHTREAT® membrane antiscalant products are formulated to protect your reverse osmosis or nanofiltration system from mineral scale. This allows for maximum system recovery while addressing your specific scaling challenges.
Cleaning Services
Leverage our knowledge of membrane fouling and longevity through the following tools and services:
• Customized cleaning recipes
• Cleaning protocol database
• Membrane cleaning optimization
• Operator training

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