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  • Highest quality concentrates
  • Low pressure and low temperature concentration
  • Concentrates taste like the real thing
  • Proven spiral wound construction
  • High rejection hydrophilic membrane

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TIDAL™ Forward Osmosis

TIDAL Forward Osmosis enables product concentration without the use of high-pressure reverse osmosis, or thermal evaporation processes. The gentle low-pressure and low-temperature processing conditions preserve natural properties and provide the highest quality concentrated product.
TIDAL Forward Osmosis Spiral Elements are available as sanitary and hard overwrap spiral wound elements. Product is available in 8” or 4” sizes to accommodate the complete range of product flow rates. Elements are designed to fit in readily available sanitary housings. The elements utilize a high rejection hydrophilic membrane to ensure maximum retention of valuable product components, and minimal fouling.
The specific applications of Forward Osmosis can vary widely. TIDAL Forward Osmosis systems can be custom engineered with the appropriate system size, draw solution composition, and recovery strategy to match your specific processing needs.

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