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SelRO® Nanofiltration MembraneSelRO® Nanofiltration Module

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SelRO® Nanofiltration System Diagram


The SelRO® chemically stable NF membranes are among our best-selling products, designed for robust performance and a long lifecycle. Commonly used in the pulp, paper, textile and other chemical industries, SelRO® elements are made to handle extreme acid and caustic conditions, and temperatures up to 160˚F (70˚C). Our pH stable spiral is the only product in the market with proven long-term compatibility in acid and caustic concentrations above 10%.
The Caustic Recovery Process
> 90% recovery
> 90% COD reduction
> 90% water and heat savings
80-90% hardness and carbonates reduction
Colorless product
Compact design
Fast return on investment
Modular design

Systems Information
Causti-COR® systems use the KMS SelRO® spiral-wound products for acid and caustic recovery in various industries, including pulp, paper, textiles, pharmaceuticals, food, beverages and more. Causti-COR® systems produce high-quality effluent while fostering environmental sustainability, saving significant chemical costs, and reducing wastewater volumes.

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