Filtration for a Better Future

Membranes are changing the world. It may sound like a bold statement, but look around; As manufacturers are held to stricter standards for product quality, and water scarcity increases globally, filtration is more important than ever. Koch Membrane Systems has prepared for over half a century to help solve these challenges and more.

Filtration Solutions for the Industrial and Municipal Markets

Our membrane separation technologies are used to concentrate, clarify and purify liquids, and recapture valued materials across diverse industries to increase yield and reduce waste.

Whether you are purifying water or wastewater for reuse, discharge or potable purposes on the front and back end of your operations, we customize advanced filtration systems to help you achieve environmental sustainability.


Membrane Products

Explore one of the largest membrane portfolios in the world, featuring more than 400 products in hollow fiber, spiral and tubular configurations.

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