Manny Singh

President, Koch Separation Solutions

Transforming to Provide Complete Separation Solutions

For more than fifty years, Koch Membrane Systems (KMS) has been providing membrane-based solutions to address our customers’ filtration needs. Our longstanding success has been founded on working closely with clients to understand their specific challenges related to product recovery, concentration, and purification and wastewater treatment, and then developing cutting-edge membrane technologies to address their issues. Based on feedback provided by our customers, it has become clear that our client base wants KMS to leverage its strong process knowledge and system design expertise to provide more complete separation solutions. In response, we have begun to transform our business to acquire new separation technologies to which we can apply these proven capabilities to create still greater value.

As an important first step in KMS’ transformation, I am pleased to announce the acquisition of Eco-Tec Inc., an ion exchange company based in Pickering, Canada. Established in 1970 and with over 2,000 systems installed, Eco-Tec Inc. provides proprietary ion exchange-based solutions for a wide range of industries, including chemical recovery and purification, hydrometallurgy, electroplating, biogas treatment, produced water, and amine purification. Because both companies seek to create value for customers through a focus on problem-solving, product development, and project delivery, this acquisition is a natural fit. Our complementary technologies have numerous synergies which will be of benefit to our clients.

As a reflection of our growing expertise in the separations space, I am also excited to announce that KMS will be changing its name to Koch Separation Solutions (KSS) in order to better reflect our new and more expansive vision. While membranes and ion exchange are the two technologies presently offered by KSS, we will continue to evaluate the needs of the market and add additional separation technologies to offer even more comprehensive solutions to our customers.

We recognize that the landscape of tomorrow is always changing. KSS wants to become your preferred partner for separation solutions by evolving along with you and anticipating how to meet your changing needs. KSS recognizes that our success is linked inextricably to yours, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with your input regarding how we can best achieve this goal. We strive for innovation through collaboration.


Manny Singh
President KSS

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